RealPresence Medialign 55 Express

Simple, integrated video collaboration for the modern workplace.

Organizations now more than ever need more agile and effective teams. The desire to meet quickly with teammates near and far, share ideas, and collaborate on critical projects has fueled the demand for visual collaboration. To meet this growing demand, organizations seek integrated solutions that can be easily and consistently deployed. Polycom RealPresence Medialign 55 Express delivers the industry’s best video collaboration solution with a modern design that deploys anywhere in minutes.

Collaborate visually within small conference rooms (8 to 10 seats) with a flexible system that works together with Polycom RealPresence Group 500, allowing you to deploy a solution that meets the unique needs of the room or environment. Polycom SmartPairing allows content sharing and annotation from your smart devices such as iPad and laptop. Provides virtual whiteboard collaboration for everyone, both in and out of a call, with embedded Polycom VisualBoard technology.

The integrated HD display provides a wide viewing angle and delivers 1080p video quality, while the powerful integrated audio ensures that everyone hears clearly. Polycom Acoustic Fence creates a virtual wall of silence so that background noises in your busy environment are not shared with everyone on the call. Polycom NoiseBlock mutes a noisy room when no one is actively speaking - eliminating distracting sounds like typing, shuffling papers, barking dogs and even car horns.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick, easy set up – Complete turnkey solution for simplicity of ordering, shipping and installation. One part number for the entire integrated system
  • Integrates with the broadest array of UC networks - Open, standards-based interoperability and native integration into UC deployments including Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business and Broadsoft One. Medialign protects your investment from shifting business landscapes
  • Straightforward deployment -All in one package  provides everything from cables to display, expanding video collaboration to every location
  • High-definition video – Experience meetings with lifelike color and detail at lower bandwidth so that you clearly see critical facial expressions and read subtle body language without clogging your network
  • See and share ideas and reactions through high-performance video and content sharing options

RealPresence Medialign 55 Express is an affordable video solution powered by RealPresence Group Series 500. It’s equipped with a single high-definition 55” LED display, integrated  audio, EagleEye IV camera, microphone array, remote control and display mounts.

  • Polycom RealPresence Group 500 delivers powerful video collaboration for conference rooms and other meeting environments in a sleek design that is easy to configure and use.
  • Polycom EagleEye IV is a completely digital camera with a 4k sensor to capture incredible detail, for any room environment.
  • 1080p license provides 1080p60 people and content resolution to share video clips, CAD animations, medical diagrams, or anything else you can dream of in high resolution.
  • Polycom Microphone Array provides 360-degree coverage of high-fidelity audio to all conference participants.
  • Incredibly sharp and bright high-definition LED display package available in 55" for an ideal viewing experience.
  • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery protects the audio and video in challenging network environments, keeping the experience seamless for users even in difficult network conditions.
  • Polycom NoiseBlock technology keeps annoying sounds such as keyboard clicking and paper rustling from interrupting your meetings.
  • Polycom People+Content IP application to share from a PC or Mac wirelessly.
  • Polycom SmartPairing technology allows content sharing and annotation from your smart devices such as iPad and laptop.
  • Native interoperability with Skype for Business/Lync (optional) extends the benefits of your UC platform investment while simplifying the experience for users.
  • Group Series Multipoint License (optional) extends the reach of your video conferencing solution to more locations


RealPresence Medialign 55 Express

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