Conference Phones Reimagined

  • Polycom’s legendary voice quality. The Polycom Trio Family offers the most advanced HD Voice performance – ever.

  • Business-class video and HD content sharing.  When words are not enough, the Polycom Trio 8800 easily adapts so you can add content sharing and video conferencing.

  • Broadest interoperability of any conference phones in its class.

  • Skype for Business/Office 365 certified.  Polycom Trio are the only certified Skype for Business/O365 conference phones on the market bringing the Skype for Business experience and functionality from the desktop to the conference room.

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Business-Class Video and HD Content Sharing


Broadest Interoperability

  • Enhanced HD Voice and 360 ° microphone coverage ensures everyone in the meeting experiences crystal clear, rich audio with every call.
  • Extraneous noises such as rustling papers and typing on a keyboard are distracting to listeners. With Polycom's exclusive NoiseBlock™ technology, Polycom Trio automatically mutes when background noise is present giving your conversation top priority.
  • Even if your meeting started over text or IM, sometimes you need to talk it out to get to a resolution. Easily pair your mobile device or laptop to Polycom Trio using USB or Bluetooth and take advantage of the exceptional sound quality of Polycom Trio.
  • When words are not enough and you need to share your ideas or concepts visually, simply add video. Polycom Trio is the only solution that offers the simplicity and affordability of a conference phone with the added capability of HD videoconferencing and content sharing
  • Polycom Trio connects to most leading SIP communication platforms
  • Certified Skype for Business and Office 365 ensures a consistent experience from the desktop to the conference room
  • Microsoft Exchange calendar integration enables quick and simple meeting starts with one-touch-join.

Select the Right Phone for Your Workspace

This guide helps you select the right devices for different workspaces and provides feature comparisons of the latest Polycom desk phones and conference phones.

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Technical Overview


Polycom Trio 8800

Polycom Trio 8500

Polycom Trio Conference Phone Highlights

360° microphone coverage
Up to 20-foot / 6-meters microphone pickup
Up to 14-foot / 4.2-meters microphone pickup
Easily extend the reach with optional expansion microphones(wired)
Ideal for large conference rooms
Ideal for small to mid-size conference rooms
Eliminate non-speech background noise with Polycom NoiseBlock
Simplify call platform transitions with hybrid SIP line registration (up to 3 lines)
Simplified operation with 5” color touchscreen
One-touch-join meeting experience through Microsoft Exchange calendar integration
Mute buttons on each leg for simplified operation and convenience
Only certified conference phones on the market for Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX
Based on open standards to ensure interoperability with leading open SIP and video platforms (H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, X-H.264UC)
Connect via USB, Bluetooth/NFC* or IP and use Polycom Trio as a speakerphone for cloud based conferences or multi-media playback
Local 5-way HD Voice conference
Dual registration of up to 2 lines (same platform)
Modular design provides investment protection and future application expansion

Polycom Trio Collaboration Kit Highlights (Requires optional Polycom Trio Visual+ accessory)

Optional Logitech C930e, 1080p30 USB camera for huddle room videoconferences**
Optional EagleEye IV USB 1080p30 12x zoom mPTZ camera for medium and large videoconferences**
Content sharing interoperability with standard SIP/BFCP ecosystems*
Skype for Business content receive (RDP and VbSS)
Pair personal devices to share local content over USB and IP from PC or Mac
Pair personal devices to share content wirelessly from Apple® AirPlay® and Miracast® compliant devices
Hybrid registration support enabling registration for up to 3 different platforms simultaneously. (Max 1 Skype for Business registration + open SIP and/or VaaS ecosystems)
Secure Wi-Fi network connectivity
Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity
Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Energy Star® compliant
Simple management and provisioning via Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager 10.1 or above

* NFC capability on the Polycom Trio 8800 only

** Requires Polycom Trio Visual+ accessory for video and content sharing

Pick the Right Conference Phone

Learn how to select the right conference phone to start every call off right. Get detailed comparisons of the Polycom Trio family of conference phone solutions.

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