Polycom Solutions for Manufacturing


In manufacturing, time is money. Manufacturers know that when they streamline their processes, they gain an immediate competitive advantage.

Manufacturing teams use Polycom Video Collaboration Solutions to meet face to face wherever they are in the world and in whatever environment they choose: on a factory floor, in an R&D lab, on the go, or in a conference room or immersive theater. This on-demand collaboration culture promotes manufacturing innovation and streamlines design and production processes.

Polycom Video Solutions also make it easier for firms to monitor remotely their manufacturing activities, ensuring their ability to maintain quality standards across global sites.

Operational Efficiency

With Polycom collaboration solutions, manufacturers reduce downtime, improve quality, speed troubleshooting, and improve employee training. Our solutions also help manufacturing operations identify, diagnose, and repair disruptive situations, as well as record best practices in real-time. In a multi-plant environment, remote experts can collaborate face to face with other locations without the need for travel.

Accelerated Design & Development

Maximize creative input, reduce development time, and accelerate time-to-market with Polycom Audio and Video Collaboration Solutions.

Customer Interactions

Polycom video collaboration solutions help manufacturing companies improve product inspections, speed acceptance reviews and keep customers are satisfied with their purchases. They also make it easy for manufacturers and customers to meet face-to-face during the development cycle, minimizing misunderstandings and the need for rework.

Supply Chain Management

Polycom collaboration solutions can help any manufacturing company refine how it manages its supply chain. Global teams can meet face-to-face to improve customer satisfaction, streamline upstream/downstream operations, reduce time-to-market cycles and ensure quality standards are met with Polycom audio and video Collaboration Solutions.


The top companies are using Polycom solutions to:

  • Reduce time-to-market and time-to-manufacture
  • Make operations more efficient
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Better understand customer needs by contacting them more frequently


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